Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Mighty New York Dollar and the NFL ...

They like to call it New York, but if we were being accurate wouldn't we call it New Jersey, isn't that where the new Meadowlands stadium is located. So why now has the NFL decided to move from the sun drenched shores of Florida, where beach and boat parties are the normal style of bash the night before the Superbowl to the Meadowlands, to New Jersey/New York, which we are going to see a lot of the "New York/New Jersey", for so long New Yorkers have tried to distance themselves from what has been known to be called the 'Arm Pit' of America, New Jersey, the driving abilities of people from Jersey has been criticized, even the so called TV show Jersey Shore or what ever it is seems to have shone a lower class light on the state. Now it's time for an upgrade, because New York is going to associate itself with New Jersey, and it's all because of money, you know that stuff that makes New York move on a day to day basis.
The NFL would have you believe they are trying something new to give other teams a chance in the future, what crap, it's money, nothing more. The stadium will share both the Giants and Jets NFL teams and the NFL has graciously set it's schedule around the fact that both teams can't play at home on the same day.

This is just more of the same, New York buying favors from what is supposed to be an unbiased sports body showing equal rights to all teams, but just like the MLB the NFL crumbles to the mighty New York Dollar, and now we wait and watch the hype till the 2014 Super Bowl is forced upon us with the aid of which ever TV station pays the mighty dollar to the NFL.

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